Diabetes : A Major Chronic And Complex Public Health Problem

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Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is a major chronic and complex public health problem that is affecting over 31 million people worldwide (Nguyen, 2014). Approximately fifty percent of people living with diabetes are undiagnosed and it has been estimated that every ten seconds three persons are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (American Diabetes Association, 2008). In the United States, nearly 26 million adults and children are diagnosed with diabetes, another 7 million are undiagnosed and 79 million living with pre-diabetes (American Diabetes Association, 2012). The total amount of healthcare expenditure for diabetes in the United States was $245 billion of which $176 billion in direct medical costs and $69 billion in reduced productivity (Selp, 2015). Diabetes is one of the nation’s most deadly diseases and has been a contributor to major health consequences such as kidney failure, blindness, stroke, heart disease, non- traumatic limb amputation and the fifth leading cause of death in the United States (Nguyen, 2014). Despite the high prevalence of diabetes mellitus in the United States there is a significant disparity in non-Hispanic Blacks living with diabetes (Ogden, 2012). Several factors such as body weight, physical inactivity, cultural influences, environmental and psychosocial issues have been identified as contributing to the disparity. The United States has become a global society and is the home for immigrants needing work and a place
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