Diabetes : A Very Ancient Disease

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Diabetes is considered a very ancient disease, with early observations made in Egypt 1500 BC. The disease has always been well known for its severe implications on the lifestyle of patients. Diabetes has a very long-lasting and complex history, which is well documented. There are historical milestones that have been significant for understanding the disease and developing treatments. This paper reviews such historical events, including the discovery of insulin, that have been influential on modern diabetic medicine. Moreover, patient experiences with insulin injections are also discussed. A fascinating component of diabetic history is also the transition from fairly unsophisticated treatment approaches to more medically developed procedures in the Twentieth Century. This review also examines early ideas of the insulin pen injector and describes how the first NovoPen in 1985 was developed. This will contribute to the background information of the research project, which aims to investigate what impact the first NovoPen in 1985 had on the treatment of diabetes. The research project will take clinical, as well as patient experiences of using the first NovoPen into consideration to reach a conclusion about its influence on treating diabetes. Nowadays, new generations of the NovoPen family have been developed, which are very popular among diabetic patients as a treatment option. Due to this remarkable history of the NovoPen in diabetic medicine, it is of interest to investigate…
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