Diabetes : A Very Well Known Health Disorder

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As we all know diabetes is a very well-known health disorder known around the world. Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood. An estimated 23.6 million people in the United States have diabetes, a serious, lifelong condition. Half of the diabetic population have been diagnosed with this specific condition while others have not. Every year, about 1.6 million people aged 20 or older are diagnosed with diabetes. Furthermore, our bodies use digested food for growth and energy so our bodies can maintain a steady metabolism. Most of the food we eat is broken down into glucose, which is a form of sugar in the blood. Glucose is the main…show more content…
When the blood sugar is pushed by diabetes the body will get rid of access glucose by producing more urine. During the change of fluid levels in the body, the lenses in your eyes also tend to swell up. They change shape and lose their ability to focus on certain objects. Nevertheless, those were some symptoms of diabetes. It is recommended that people who have been diagnosed with diabetes should go on a low-carb diet during this time. This diet includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and less sweets and meaty foods. Also, low glycemic foods are recommended to raise the blood sugar in the body. These specific foods are higher in fiber. In addition, a diagnosed diabetic should create a meal plan with a registered dietitian that accommodates the person’s health goal. Another method of treatment is frequent exercise. Some common exercises that doctors recommend are walking, swimming and riding bikes. Physical activity needs to be apart of everyone’s daily routine especially a diabetic. Exercise helps keep the blood sugar under control. Most importantly, monitoring your body sugar is very vital in this condition to make sure your blood sugar level is maintained at reoccurring level. Not to mention, the body’s blood sugar level changes in retaliation to food, exercise, illness and medication. Some people with type 2 diabetes can
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