Diabetes: A Worldwide and National Crisis

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Diabetes: A Worldwide & National Crisis Name: Instructor: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction The report covers the target population, diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of various forms of diabetes. The condition comes about when the blood sugar levels (blood glucose) are too high (Gaw 2008 p. 62). The foods people eat are primary sources of glucose. Insulin play a critical role of helping the glucose (sugar) get into the cells and providing them with energy. History of the disease dates back to 1552 BCE when Hesy-Ra (an Egyptian physician) of the 3rd Dynasty went public about existence of diabetes. He went further to identify possible remedies to those suffering from the diabetes. In 250 BCE, Arateus (A Greek physician) described diabetes as "the melting down of flesh and limbs into urine." The Greek physician would successfully develop the first complete medication in c 120 BCE (Gaw 2008 p. 62). Arateus described the destructive nature of the disease during the first century A.D. even as the world already recognized diabetes as one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases. Several centuries later, people commonly identified as water tasters tasted the urine of those having the disease (Gaw 2008 p. 62). The probability of an individual turning out to have the disease would depend on accuracy and efficiency of the parameters. During the early stages after discovery of the disease, physicians proposed treatment to involve prescribed exercise
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