Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome Summary

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``Nutritional Therapeutic Interventions for diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome`` is topic of an eBook that the outer tries to explains first about the diabetes disease and how it happens in a human body. And then he mentions about the severity of the illness and how the epidemic of this disease is growing and is affecting more than 230 million people of the world and approximately 20 million people in the United States. He points out that the numbers will be increase by 70% in next 25 years. He illustrates the connection between the diabetes and cardiovascular disease and he gives numerous statistics about the costs of the health care ($92 billion) and how the issue is importance in the United States. The outer points out the strategies to prevent diabetes, obesity, and other issues related to the metabolic syndrome. The book is reviewed by experts of all around the world and has a scientific discussion over the issue and is a reliable reference for those who working or researching about diabetes disease. (Bagchi,…show more content…
The outer uses an evidence-based approach to identify the problems and the proper solutions. He illustrates the useful methods of prevention and screening the at-risk people and pharmaceutical intervention, and beneficial lifestyle changes. In addition, the outer points out about giving proper knowledge to the individuals and healthcare professionals to catch the early symptoms to avoid diabetes illness. The source is very helpful for those who are interested about the diabetes issues such as public health workers, specialists, and the diabetes patients. The outer stress about the programs that can prevent of diabetes (Peter Schwarz, 2013). The source is peer- reviewed and reliable. It`s a very useful reference to research about the diabetes issue and the methods of prevention of the
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