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Diabetes (794 words)
Diabetes Mellitus is a debilitating disease that basically sucks the energy out of a person. This is caused by the failure of a person pancreas’s to produce valuable hormone called insulin. This failure in part causes a persons blood sugar level to be unbalanced, causing reduction in energy and maybe even nerve damage. In addition to this, diabetes can also be a major cause of adult blindness, the losing of maybe a foot or a finger, kidney failure, and a whole plethora of adverse effects to a person. Insulin is the one hormone that distributes the sugar energy to the other cells of the body. Diabetes is a chronic illness meaning that it will last a lifetime. There is currently no cure for Diabetes. Let us go into what
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If your father or some of your aunts have diabetes, it is probable that you or your children might have diabetes when you get older as well.
Diabetes is basically a disease that causes your body to have a super high sugar level caused by a lack of insulin in the body. To combat this, doctors can give their patients insulin in a form of an injection. Medicine can also be given to the patient to treat diabetes. Medicine does not “inject” insulin into patience’s body. Instead it will cause the other organs of the body to release less sugar into the blood stream. The insulin and / or medications given to the patient will have to be closely monitored. If not, the result could mean the patient having a super low level of sugar in their blood, causing light headiness, fainting and etc… all in which will normally lead to hospitalization.
A healthy diet and regular exercise is also required to combat diabetes. The diet normally consists of whatever is low on sugar. Exercising will burn up the excess sugar energy and keep the body healthy in fighting this disease.
In the days of the past, insulin injection would normally be done with a needle being stuck into patience’s body. This is often annoying and irritable to the patient. With today’s new technology however, insulin can now be injected into a patient’s body by way or an “air needle”. This shoots a shot of air that is
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