Diabetes: Getting to Know it Better

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Diabetes has become a prevalent disease, due to its drastic increase in diagnosis since the turn of the 21st century. People of all skin color, social class, or ethnicity can fall prey to this lifelong illness. Individuals that do not have diabetes believe that that they know all the basics and precautions of diabetes, but in all reality many people know very little about what diabetes really is. Understanding what diabetes is, can lead to the knowledge of diabetes association with other diseases, the treatments for diabetes, and the hereditary links that diabetes has in ethnicity. Many people know very little about what diabetes is and how the disease works. People seem to only know the basics and don’t realize that diabetes goes into…show more content…
The article ‘African Ancestry and Its Correlation to Type 2 Diabetes in African Americans: A Genetic Admixture Analysis in Three U.S. Population Cohorts’ by Ching-Yu gives insight on the fact that diabetes has a tendency to be very prevalant in African Americans based on a study conducted. In the article Ching-Yu states, “The risk of type 2 diabetes is approximately 2-fold higher in African Americans than in European Americans even after adjusting for known environmental risk factors, including socioeconomic status (SES), suggesting that genetic factors may explain some of this population difference in disease risk”(Ching-Yu). The long lasting nature of diabetes makes it a disease that is perfect for having and causing many complications. Firstly the disease itself comes with its own set of sides effects that can be rather scary if a person considers then carefully. The symptoms of diabetes are being excessively hungry, urinating excessively, having fatigue, usual weight loss, and blurry sight. These symptoms are experienced by the majority of people that have diabetes. One reason that these symptoms are hard to catch on to is because sometimes a person can have have these symptoms and not even have diabetes. It is the combination of these symptoms that should leaf to a person wanting to get check for diabetes
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