Diabetes Growth : Devastating American Families Essay

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Diabetes growth is devastating to American families. Diabetes affects an estimated 23.6 million people in the United States (Healthy People 2020, 2016). In 2006, nearly ten years ago the number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes in the united states was just 17.3 million. Additionally, this number of those diagnosed has doubled since the year 2000 (CDC, 2015). Diabetes is defined by a disease in which the body cannot produce enough or any insulin for proper digestion of sugars and glucose. The elevated levels of glucose within the body cause major complications, some even irreversible (DaVita, 2016). With such an increase in diagnosed diabetes cases, this issue needs to be addressed and public action has to be taken. In a time where grocery stores are readily accessible with fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy lifestyle America should not have this issue. Type two diabetes is of great concern in the United States, more specifically defined type two diabetes occurs when the body does not provide enough insulin causing in excess of sugar in the blood. This contrasts with type one diabetes where the body does not produce any insulin, or is insulin resistant. Children are often diagnosed with this early in life. Type two diabetes was once dubbed the “adult onset diabetes” because it had mainly affected adults in their later years, recently though, more children and youth are being diagnosed with type two diabetes. There are many possible causes of diabetes,
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