Diabetes In Haiti: A Case Study

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This paper will explain the need of a cure in an international country by the name of Haiti. In addition an overview of how they are affected by diabetes that kill hundreds of people each year. Research conducted on online (Internet) and offline (books) will explain the direct relationship of how there is an economic need for a cure using herbal medicine FDA approved that can be dispersed in a larger quantity. However, since there is a large population living with this disease the company Herbal Tearetics will be able to provide explanation of how the FDA can approve a natural product that will be concentrated with water. This paper has examined the articles written by Harinder Singh, Chahal Nazaire St. Fort, Lisa Bero (2013), on the “Availability,…show more content…
• The identity statement is generally written commonly known as the name of the tea.
• Principal panels are required to have certain dimension that are measured to be approximately five square inches or less.
Once our company have passed all the legal limitation that are imposed between the governments, we will be ready to take a step towards the technological aspects of the country. Since this is a country has minimum advancement in regards to computers and other ways of product advertisement, we have partnered with a variety of insurance companies and local investors that will assist in the distribution of our new product.
In order to gain a full understanding of the importance of diabetes it is necessary that a company involves themselves in an extensive research process. They will conclude that if a new product needs to be in a third world country it must be distributed in large quantities. In addition once health care professionals are educated on a systemic way of how the tea is consumed, they will be able to educate diabetic patients on the way they can cultivate and produce the tea for their families.

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• Author Jessica Apple (2013)
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