Diabetes In The Mexican American Population

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Prevalence and Prevention of Type Two Diabetes in the Mexican American Population

Undergraduate Research Project
Submitted to the Faculty of The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley
Edinburg, TX by Corina Nyssa Zamora
Ricardo Garcia

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the
BIOL 4400 – Biological Communication

Dr. Mirayda Torres-Avila, Ph.D.






Diabetes mellitus is characterized by the hyposecretion or hypoactivity of insulin within the body, preventing the glucose from
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There are several factors, however, that can increase a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Primary concern and cause of type 2 diabetes is obesity or overweight, people over the normal weight baseline of the BMI spectrum. America has always been known as the country that is two/thirds obese and many of American habits contribute to the following daily bad decisions that seem related to type 2 diabetes. Poor eating habits are the number one cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes, choosing to eat bad food and lots of soda can have tremendous effects on your weight and glucose intake. Watching too much television (T.V.) is another related issue towards diabetes, most likely eating snacks while watching your favorite show or movies. Physical inactivity causes the body to have a high blood glucose causing diabetes; muscles use the glucose through physical activity by helping the hormone insulin absorb glucose into all your body cells. Your muscles use glucose better than it uses fat. Sleeping habits such as sleeping less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours a night can affect the body’s balance of insulin and increase the demand on the pancreas to make it. Lastly, genetics has played a big role in determining if a person is at risk for type 2 diabetes. Your risk is higher if your brother, sister, or parent have type 2 diabetes. Genetics is a factor that is out of our control and it is…show more content…
The incidences of diabetes are growing annually, and predicted to increase within the coming decades. The number of cases yearly is not only increasing, but the age of onset for diabetes has decreased. This means more individuals are developing diabetes at an earlier age. Diabetes not only affects individuals and communities but countries as well. The prevalence of diabetes has gathered billions of dollars in healthcare costs. [1]Type 2 diabetes also leads to other serious medical conditions such as heart disease, renal failure, blindness, and tissue damage in extremities that will eventually lead to amputation. These illnesses, as a result, result in further costs in the form of disability and the loss of a portion of our workforce. However, incidences of type 2 diabetes are in higher occurrence amongst Hispanic groups. According to the Hispanic Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Mexican Americans have an unusually high prevalence of diabetes compared to that of the general population [2]. Hispanic females have the highest lifetime risk of becoming diabetic – 52% [3], compared to that of the average risk of
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