Diabetes Is A Major Public Health Problem Worldwide

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Diabetes mellitus is a major public-health problem worldwide. Its incidence is increasing rapidly, and by 2030, this number is estimated to almost double.1 The increase in incidence in developing countries follows the trend of urbanization and lifestyle changes. Individuals with T2DM are considered on high priority as they are potential candidates for rapid evaluation to prevent and halt the progression of complications.
This study presented descriptive data from a large number of subjects with diabetes type 2 attending the Diabetology OPD of our hospital.
Obesity was prevalent in 65% of the representative sample of type 2 diabetes patients. These results are comparable to other studies done in India and abroad. Higher prevalence of overweight and obesity in diabetics with 58.1% of subjects having high BMI was observed in Chennai. 10 Similarly in Gujarat, overweight and obesity in diabetics was even more common observed in 83% of the diabetics. 11 Another study from South Africa revealed 78% of obesity in diabetics. 12 Whereas obesity prevailed among 86% of diabetics attending a hospital diabetic clinic in UK. 13
The higher prevalence of obesity in these subjects may be due to various factors of which diet and sedentary lifestyle being most important. As far as overall dietary status is concerned, 35% of the subjects were consuming excess calories. However in relation to obesity, 61% of the high BMI group was having high calorie diet making dietary calories an important…
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