Diabetes Is An Illness Of Diabetes

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Diabetes is an illness that’s been raising for many years and yet there hasn’t been a cure found for it. Diabetes is diagnosed when you have too much glucose also known as sugar in your blood, where the pancreas isn’t able to make enough insulin to pass the sugar in use for energy to the different cells in your body. Glucose in the bloodstreams comes from the carbohydrate foods which are changed into sugar after we have eaten them or the glucose that’s been stored in the liver that ensures constant supply when we have not eaten recently. For a person without diabetes have a glucose level of 4 to 8 mmol/L in their body. There are three types of diabetes, type one which happens within a week or even days, unlike type two which takes as long as 10 years to be diagnosed, and gestational diabetes which happens during pregnancy. Diabetes can also lead to other health conditions, including kidney failure, eye disease, foot ulceration and a higher risk of heart disease.

In our body we have a gland called the pancreas, inside the pancreas there are small beta cells, and these are the cells that produce chemicals called insulin for our body. When we eat carbohydrate foods, the food are broken down into glucose, the glucose then travels to the bloodstream so that it can be used as energy for the different cells around the body. Cells such as the muscle cells, the brain cells and fat cells. Now the job of the insulin is to remove the glucose from the blood and change it
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