Diabetes Is Becoming An Increasingly Prevalent Disease

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Just about every five minutes two people die of diabetes related causes and 16 people are newly diagnosed with the disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2015). Diabetes is becoming an increasingly prevalent disease, especially type 2, due to the fact that the United States population is at high risk for obesity. Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas suffers a decline in beta cell efficiency therefore disallowing insulin to be produced at the level necessary for its metabolic function (CDC, 2015). As the incidence of diabetes increases, a positive correlation can be observed in increased risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control (2012), in the 2011 population of people diagnosed with diabetes there were five million people with coronary artery disease, about two million who had a stroke, about 4 million diagnosed with another heart disease or condition, and about eight million diagnosed with heart disease or who have had a stroke. A person with diabetes is twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease than a person who does not have diabetes (National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse [NDIC], 2005). The numbers of people being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease due to increased risk from already having diabetes is alarming and is a major burden of diabetes. Having diabetes affects the patient in many ways but the addition of cardiovascular disease only complicates the disease and the management of it for the
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