Diabetes Is The Root Cause For The Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

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Type 2 Diabetes is also called Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes. In this type, body does not use insulin adequately and become resistant to even high levels of insulin. This leads to high blood sugar margins which can cause adverse effects if left untreated. There are many risk factors which can be responsible for the progression of the disease. Obesity is the root cause for the type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, People having type 2 diabetes are at risk for gain in weight due to many causes or factors including:

• Sedentary life style
• Calorie rich diet
• Medication of diabetes
• Eating habits
• Chronic mental illness

Loss in weight with help of lifestyle interventions has been shown to decrease the chances of diabetes by 58%. The incidence of non insulin dependent diabetes is 3-7 times greater in over weight as compared to average weight adults , amendment in lifestyle also denoted as behavioral weight control includes three basic factors: diet, exercise and behavior therapy. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be frightened for every patient for example why it happens? How it will affect your everyday life? What can be the complications going to be occurred due to this disease? Lifestyle modification focus at decreasing energy input and fostering physical movement is the main procedure for obese clients with type 2 diabetes. Even significant weight reduction contributing enhanced movement can enhance insulin sensitivity and glycemic control in clients with non insulin dependent
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