Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 In Children
Diabetes is not a single disease it is a multifactorial group of syndromes all characterized by an increase in the level of blood glucose that occurs due to lack of presence of insulin. Mainly, the less release of insulin leads to excess deposition of glycogen which is a peptide hormone synthesized by the pancreas and plays a role in raising the level of glucose in blood. (Mycek, 2007). Diabetes is usually divided into two types, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus also known as type 1 diabetes mellitus and non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus also known as type 2 diabetes mellitus or Adult onset diabetes. (Boylan, 2007)
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes accounting
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The development of type 2 diabetes is closely related to obesity; about 95 per cent of children with type 2 diabetes are overweight at diagnosis. Given that the proportion of Canadian children who are overweight has tripled in the last 30 years, it is not surprising that incidence of type 2 diabetes among youth is rising.


Some of the major risk factors found in children having diabetes mellitus type 2 include following factors:
Obesity: Various studies have shown that about half of children with type 2 diabetes mellitus did not have any symptoms of diabetes and it was screened only because of their health issues occuring due to obesity.
:Ethnic Group: Belonging to a high ethnic group ( Numerous studies have highlited the fact that chilren belonging to high ethnic group have more prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2)
Family History And Other Factors :Having a family history of disease , dyslipidemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome in female children or acanthosis nigricans which is disease related
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