Diabetes Mellitus : Top Ten Killer Disease

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Diabetes Mellitus: Top Ten Killer Disease Diabetes mellitus (also known as diabetes) is the cause of 1.5 million human deaths in the world and is anticipated to be the 7th leading cause of death in the year 2030 (Diabetes, 2015). Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by a lack of or non-production of insulin, which is supplied by the pancreas and created from Islets of Langerhans. Insulin and glucose work as a team to enter the body’s bloodstream and get burned to create energy for the body. Therefore, if the body cannot produce an efficient amount of insulin then the level of glucose in the blood will rise. This in turn, causes high glucose levels or diabetes, and does not allow the body to get a sufficient amount of energy. According to Kathryn Jacobsen, “diabetes and its complications, like increased risk of cardiovascular death, are becoming the leading cause of premature death worldwide (Introduction to global health 148).” There are many other risk factors that are associated with diabetes and people may not always be aware of them. Risk factors for diabetes include, but are not limited to: family history, race (Hispanic, African-American, Native American, or Asian-American), smoking, alcohol consumption, and injury to pancreas, stress, pregnancy, being over overweight and many more (Diseases & Condition, 2013). Not a lot of people realize that some of these major risk factors are as detrimental to their health as they really are. For example, most individuals

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