Diabetes Mellitus is a Lifelong Condition that Affects the Body

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A lifelong condition, Diabetes mellitus affect the body by not producing the required insulin that is needed affecting glucose in the body. Glucose is a sugar which is required to fuel the cells in the body. Insulin is a hormone made from the beta cells in the pancreas, help the body regulate the sugar need in the body during metabolism. Two main times of diabetes that commonly are affecting known are, Type 1 and Type 2. Known for beginning in childhood, Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where our pancreas is failing in producing insulin due to antibodies damaging our pancreas. Risk factors for type 1 diabetes can start with family history, which is increased if a person has a parent or relative with the disease. Viral exposure can trigger the autoimmune system to affect the cell in the pancreas. symptoms that can be present during high blood sugar are polyphagia, excessive hunger due to lack of nutrition absorption. Polydipsia, excessive thirst due to frequent urination progressing into dehydration. Polyuria meaning excessive urination due to the kidneys wanting to exceed the large amounts of sugar in the body. Lack of energy due to the deficiency of nutrition needed in the body. Blurry vision and unexpected weight loss. Three diagnosis that can be used for type 1 diabetes. It can start with a FBG where they receive a blood sample early in the morning after being NPO after midnight the night before reading the sugar level on a normal scale of 70-140 mg/dl. A second
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