Diabetes Neuropathy : A Neurological Disorder Associated With Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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Diabetes neuropathy (DN) is a neurological disorder associated with Diabetes Mellitus (DM), also known as Type-2 diabetes (Menz, Lord, St George, & Fitzpatrick, 2004). Diabetes neuropathy has many integral complications that circulate around the biomechanical impairments of the feet, especially in the elderly population with diabetes (Richardson, Thies, DeMott, & Ashton-Miller, 2005). DN has worrying health risks as it has harmful effects on stability, gait efficiency and function (Menz, Morris, & Lord, 2005). Richardson (2004) stated that gait and stability are of interest because a large number of falls in elderly population with and without DN occur during locomotion, which inturn affects their daily living. Speed, frontal plane control, and load distributions of the feet are connected to these changes in balance and gait impairments, which generate the increased risk of falls in elderly diabetic patients (Brach, Talkowski, Strotmeyer, & Newman, 2008). This paper will concentrate on two themes within literature focusing on the association between Diabetes neuropathy and the Elderly population: One, The alterations in gait, and two, on balance. Critique analyses of this literature will be made, in terms of its strengths and weakness based on its influences on findings. Also final suggestions on further possible enquiry will be made on the aspect of this topic.

One main aspect when it comes to DN and old age is gait alteration. A characteristic that is outlined to have a
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