Diabetes Research Analysis Essay

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When I started my search, I found numerous sources about diabetes. However, many were irrelevant. Although I had considerable success finding information on diabetes in general, there was often inadequate information specifically concerning type II diabetes. For example, the source would group type II and type I diabetes together when explaining the effects of exercise and diet. The source became a problem because type II diabetes isn’t insulin dependent while type I diabetes is. Although the problem doesn’t seem important, it is because exercise and diet for type II diabetes focuses on lowering insulin, which is already naturally made by the type II diabetic while type I diabetics don’t even make insulin and struggle to keep insulin in …show more content…
From statistics to diabetic management, I learned a tremendous amount of information about type II diabetes. For instance, the most valuable information I learned from the “Type II diabetes” article is that working out makes one’s muscle tissue consume excess amounts of sugar which decrease the sugar quantity from one’s bloodstream.

This information is valuable because it further defines my solution. Further insightful information which I learned is that one’s body mass index, insulin amount, and pancreas capabilities are all factors which determine if working out and maintaining a dietary routine will manage type II diabetes. This information was insightful to me because it breaks down the three major factors which one should focus on. More useful information which I learned is that a dietary routine with a minimal amount of fat and simple carbs along with an excess amount of complex carbohydrates can manage one’s insulin regularly. This information was useful because it explained a dietary routine’s causes and effects, and gave a potential dietary routine for type II diabetics to try. Lastly, I learned that regular practice of working out with a healthy diet could not only aid in managing one’s diabetes, but also decrease one’s chances of obtaining type II diabetes in the first place. This information was valuable to me because it was proof that type II diabetes is preventable.

Another source which is acutely relevant to my topic is the “Do Your Level

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