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Mississippi Diabetes Research Proposal
This research proposal creates programs for children living with diabetes so that education and management of diabetes will continue during school hours. Mississippi State uses programs like these to address the incidence of diabetes in the state. The incidence and measurement of diabetes in the state, and at the county level, is completed yearly and quarterly and the state research agencies collaborate with the federal government both in the reporting requirements and in the building of programs that address the findings from the reports.
The state of Mississippi has one of the highest prevalence of diabetes in the country. Public health officials in the state of Mississippi understand that
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Mississippi has a rate of 37.9% of adults who have difficulty performing daily living tasks compared to % national rate of 36.1% (CDC, n.d.).
According to the CDC (n.d.) the number of pre-diabetics in the state has increased by 11,000 between the years of 2011 and 2013. While the national age-adjusted rate for diabetics remained steady at 9% between the years of 2011 and 2013, Mississippi’s diagnosed diabetic’s rate rose from 11.6% to 12% (CDC, n.d.). The mortality rate from diabetes is “the seventh largest in the U.S. and is listed on 234,051 death certificates” (CDC, 2014). This is not the most accurate representation due to the fact that diabetes has many sequel of the disease and thus there are secondary cause’s deaths (CDC, 2014).
Method Determining Size Community-based Meridian, MS responded to the issue of diabetes, including the percent of adults diagnosed with diabetes in surrounding areas in Meridian, MS. The results were 12.31% Ms., 12.9% Lauderdale or Scott County or 8.95% United States and the Body Mass Index greater than 30 (Obesity) Ms. 35.58%, Lauderdale or Scott County 38% or United States 27.29% by prioritizing and identifying local community health care needs to establish an ongoing evidence-based process or assessment Also, the focus on successive chronic disease management and addressing health problems that is lifestyle-related through cultural and education change. With the focus on the diabetes

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