Diabetes : The Development Of Child Development And Hormonal Implications For Children

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Diabetes can be a challenge for all ages, especially for children who are just reaching puberty. Transitioning from childhood to adolescence can be a difficult process for average children, and this is even a harder phase for diabetic children who used to be only dependent on their parents for everything, including insulin monitoring and management. However the transition can improve diabetic children’s assessment and knowledge of how to monitor blood glucose and to administer their insulin injections and also significantly provides those children with opportunities to live and to enjoy life as bright, refined young adults. There are three major aspects that hinder children from making the most of their diabetic self-management through the…show more content…
One way to decrease the secretion of insulin-antagonistic hormones is to increase the ratio of protein to carbohydrate from the last meal of the day to the first meal of the following day (Trast, 2014). Girls are more likely to experience additional hormonal changes (estrogen and progesterone) in their menstrual cycle that affects the blood glucose in the body by resisting the insulin (Trast, 2014). The increase in progesterone can be followed by the increase in appetite, which leads to unorganized food consumption activities that eventually causes sudden increase in blood glucose (Trast, 2014).
Young diabetes may increase their insulin intake up thirty to fifty percent due to hormonal alterations; however, if not properly adjusted, young clients may experience “delayed menarche, impaired growth, menstrual irregularities,” and long-term diabetic complications such as neuropathy, retinopathy, and nephropathy (Trast, 2014). Therefore, they have to check their blood sugar at least 6-8 times a day, and the monitoring is even harder when they are aware that hormonal changes can occur at night. However, technology has progressively advanced, so young diabetics should should take advantage of the insulin pump with RT-CGM (real time continuous glucose monitoring). The pump administers insulin timely, appropriately, and according to RT-CGM, auto-calculates the accurate doses based on personalized preset limits and prevents certain spontaneous hypoglycemia which can cause
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