Diabetes : The Growth Of Knowledge On Diabetes

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The research focused on explaining the meaning of diabetes and how literary some concepts can be used to control the situation. Diabetes is a defect in the body that results from the inability to convert glucose to energy. In the medical terms, glucose is the primary source of energy that enables the body to execute its functions effectively. The types of foods that affect the blood sugars are called carbohydrates. We can find carbohydrates in foods such as potatoes, corn, fruit, rice and bread. The glucose extracted from these cells is then transferred through the bloodstream and is used by the cells for energy. For the sake of balancing the level of sugar in the blood, the hormone insulin is required. The gap between the scientific and basic understanding of diabetes has been growing, and it is thus this study comes up to narrow it. The study establishes that diabetes is manageable by the use of biological means.

This study is imperative for the growth of knowledge on diabetes. Recent studies have identified the rise of diabetes cases and how the disease is running out of control. This study explains the basic terms of diabetes and how it can be prevented and managed naturally. The study points at creating awareness of the prevalence of the disease. The research explains that in every 20 people in the world’s population, 1 has diabetes. Most of the death cases resulted in diabetes are because of unaffordability of the treatment. However, this study is aimed at
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