Diabetes : Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

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bThe Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic in Russia from 2004-2016

In recent years, Russia has been dealing with a variety of nationwide health problems. These include the raging diabetes epidemic that they have been trying to avoid for decades. According to Chelsea Caesar of the Moscow Times, “Four million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in Russia, and almost 6 million people are unaware of their disease.”. This is seriously affecting their general population. Russia should focus their time and money on treatment and research for Diabetes, since it is so greatly affecting their economic, lifestyle and health status. To start out, it would be beneficial to discuss what exactly diabetes is, along with it’s major causes and symptoms. Diabetes is defined as a disease that affects the body’s method of producing insulin. This leads to universally elevated levels of glucose. There are two types of diabetes, type one and type two, each having similar symptoms. Type 1 is where there is no insulin to be used since there is killing of insulin producing cells. Type 2 is when the body can no longer develop insulin, rather than not having any at all.Type 2 diabetes can be contacted at any age, as opposed to type 1 which is normally contracted at birth. The majority of diabetic patients in Russia are coming down with type 2 diabetes. It can be triggered through eating poorly. This entails low fruit and vegetables intake and ingesting copious amounts of fat. Eating like this can lead to…

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