Diabetes Type 2 : Diabetes

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Diabetes type 2 is linked to a number of health complications including cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, depression, blindness and amputation. Up to 90% of patients suffering from diabetes type 2 is either overweight or obese, and this contributes to mentioned complications, that are thought to lower life expectancy in those patients. National Diabetes Audit XXX shows that there is a significantly higher change of suffering from a variety of cardiovascular diseases including myocardial infraction – 55% additional risk, stroke – 34% higher risk when compared to general population, angina and heart failure, 76 and 74% increased risk, respectively. Furthermore, people suffering from diabetes have 337% additional risk of minor amputation and 222% of major amputation when compared to general population. Risk of renal replacement therapy in diabetic patients is 164% higher than non-diabetic people. Despite the numbers, heart disease is still the most prevalent complication od type 2 diabetes in England and Wales. The risk of cardiovascular disease increases further for South-Asian diabetics and for people living in the most deprived and poorest areas, up to 50% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease when compared to least deprived diabetics. Patients suffering from diabetes type 2 and being obese are estimated to have a hospital admission due to heart failure twice as often as general population. Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease where retina gets damaged

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