Diabetes Type II : A Public Health Problem

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It is no secret that Diabetes type II is rapidly becoming a public health problem that is attacking epidemic proportions worldwide. In fact, according to an online article by the Washington post titled, “CDC Says Diabetes Numbers Increasing,” Author Stein, Rob claims that the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated that as of the year 2012, approximately 26 million Americans were clinically diagnosed with type II diabetes. Not to be confused type I diabetes however. Type I diabetes is where the body is typically insulin-dependent as beta cells are constantly attacked and destroyed by the immune system. Type II diabetes on the other hand, is where the body, may or may not make enough insulin; a hormone that serves to regulate the movement of sugars into the cells, and if it does make enough insulin, the body tends to not respond to it properly. In other words, one suffering from type II diabetes does not convert sugar into energy, but rather stores it in their bloodstream. This has caused type II diabetes to be the most common form of its type. As a result, those who suffer from type II Diabetes normally result in extra body-fat, hypertension, and high cholesterol. In view of the fact that type II diabetes normally results in extra body fat. Being overweight places extra stress the body in ways not even imaginable, including the natural ability of the body to maintain proper, stable blood glucose levels. Moreover, a 2014 article by the…
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