Diabetes and Beta - Carotene

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Beta- carotene is an organic compound categorized as a terpenoid (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Naturally, it is a predecessor of vitamin A, and found in several yellow fruits and vegetables. These organic nutrients play a vital role in aiding vision, skin growth, and bone development. In addition to these crucial roles, Beta-carotene may be of significant help in regulating the blood sugar in diabetic persons (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). Human bodies regulate blood sugar levels with the help of the hormone called insulin. In the absence or inadequate supply of this hormone, an individual is said to be diabetic. Diabetes may results in solemn conditions such as blindness, heart diseases, and stroke. Over the years, medical
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Beta-carotene deficiency symptoms include nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, and loss of senses in some cases. These symptoms occur in the aftermath of excessive consumption of Beta-carotene supplements. Individuals experiencing Beta-carotene symptoms must immediately see a physician as a delay in this regard might result in death. Similarly, researchers have established that excessive consumptions of Beta-carotene may result in hypervitaminosis A. Under this condition, the main symptom is skin discoloration among the affected individuals. Beta –carotene toxicity cases are rampant among smokers. Physicians advise active smokers to avoid these supplements as their intake results in increase risk of lung cancer. Scientists have asserted that metabolites elements present in the Beta-carotene substances destroy retinoic acids that repress cancer growth in the lungs (Gutiérrez, & Gonzalez, 2010). In addition, metabolites catalyze proteins responsible for cell division hence activates the growth of cancerous cells. It is for this reason that smokers are prohibited from taking Beta-carotene substances. Thus, Beta-carotene supplements are best suited for diabetic patients and vitamin A deficient individuals. Although available without prescription, Physicians advise individuals to take Beta-carotene under doctor’s instructions to avoid instances of Beta-carotene toxicity. In addition to its positive
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