Diabetic Biological Variation - Rough Draft

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Diabetic Biological Variation – Rough Draft
Diabetes is a complex disease which bonds together evolution and environmental factors and creates many health issues for humans. Diabetes (mellitus) is classified into three groups of metabolic diseases that involves high blood sugar (glucose) and it can occur in different ways depending on circumstances. Type 2 diabetes occurs when cells do not function correctly, and evidently the cells do not properly respond to insulin. Type 1 diabetes involves the body’s inadequate production of insulin, which is commonly referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes. What are the links between evolution, the environment and a staggering number of people diagnosed with diabetes?
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These molecules can cause insulin deficiencies more often in various populations compared to others. Leading research to the idea that diabetes evolved during the processes of Evolution. The newly introduced genetic variation affecting diabetes is thought to have occurred 2,000-12,000 years ago. Individuals with the newly discovered variant have a more frequent rate of fasting levels of blood glucose, compared to those who inherits the traditional glucose regulating gene (Conger, 2011).
These findings insist on the idea that our ancestors evolved to be scavengers and gatherers because it was the only way to find nutrients. Early humans were required to search for food. Conditions required them to evolve in a way that the body stores energy, so when resources became scarce, they stayed healthy and could contribute to their community efficiently. Obtaining the ability to store energy in order for humans stay healthy was an extremely important factor. After our ancestors migrated out of East Africa, they evolved to wonder and scavenge for food. Now, humans are able to live comfortably in a single location. Compared to our ancestors constantly moving looking for food and shelter. (Jurmain et al. 350-351).
Agriculture has made it so food is extremely easy to retain. Current human diets and metabolism are extremely different from that of our ancestors. Sheau Yu Hsu, PhD, stated “These studies are fascinating

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