Diageo Supply Chain Management: Notes

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„ Diageo is one of the worlds largest liquor producing brewery. „ 80% of its total production takes place in Australia, Ghana, Canada, Camaroon,

Ireland and Scotland along with some African countries.
„ Remaining production is done in other countries via joint-venture under contract

with commercial partners.
„ Diageo has been awarded the carbon trust company for its perfect supply chain

and distribution channel in the scotland breweris.
„ The top brands of diageo are johny walker,smirnoff vodka,crown royale,

j&B,windsor,guineese,Baileys,Morgan etc.
„ The business expansion is in over 180 markets with a dedicated on roll team of

20,000 employees along with offices in 80 countries.
„ The company is listed
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Americas US Virgin Islands Distillery Diageo will move from current supplier who supplies from Puerto Rico Opening planned for November 2010 First shipment of matured rum planned for January 2012 Wines External environment changing Create an efficient, entrepreneurial wine business focusing on core strategic brands through: – Review of our ways of working, our assets and our cost base – Refocusing resources on core brands and customer service – Changing supply chain to support our joined up customer focused business

Packaging As part of review of packaging facilities – Dorval closed, consolidated volume – Planning investment in remaining assets in F’11 to consolidate – Driving manufacturing efficiencies through Perfect Plant programme

Supply Chain Development Customer Collaboration Strategic customer collaboration focus is paying dividends Targeted 4 global customers delivering NSV growth ahead of Diageo Measuring performance using Customer Scorecard Joint agendas to create mutual value £1m shared benefit through supply chain modeling and altering delivery locations in Germany

Global Sales and Operational Planning – inventory reduction in F’10 H1 of 10% yo-y Process and system enhancement – driving improvement in forecast accuracy and inventory levels SKU rationalization Simplifying and standardizing for efficiencies (50% reduction in Europe and Global Travel – rolling out Asia and Africa)

Manufacturing – £20m savings
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