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Diagnoses of Patrick Solitano Jr. from Silver Linings Playbook Eddie Ordaz Crafton Hills College Diagnoses of Patrick Solitano Jr. from Silver Linings Playbook The character for whom I've chosen to do my analyses on is Patrick Solitano Jr. or Pat for short as portrayed in the film. Pat is a former teacher with a likable and inviting personality about him but can be tell by the naked eye he has some issues going on in his head. In the film he has just spent 8 months in a mental health facility and comes to live with his parents. The reason for his 8 month in the mental health facility was him coming home early from work and finding his wife Nikki naked in the shower with the history teacher Doug Culpepper. Seeing that…show more content…
Although during most of his life being surrounded by those who are odd and obsessive as he is they were also warm and unembarrassed by his idiosyncrasy. With all of that put into context I believe Pat Jr. has Bipolar I Disorder with mood swings and Delusional Disorder brought on by severe stress but happens rarely. 296.42 Bipolar I Disorder, moderate severity, with mixed features 297.1 Delusional Disorder, Jealous type, First episode, currently in partial remission. Treatment for the Bipolar I Disorder along with Delusional Disorder would be group therapy and family therapy, also finding happiness through new activities and friendships. Possible Medications: Antidepressants, Lithium, Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants, Symbyax, and Benzodiaphenes. I believe the film did a fairly good job showing the portrayal of Pats disorders with his mood swings to cause him be periodically violent and obsessive attitude toward his ex wife. Pat loves his parents but becomes easily angered or enraged by them as well as other people to go along with his old wedding song becoming a big stressor for him taking him back to the shower incident. He would have benefited from a non stressful familial life and pressure from his parents or peers early in life. He also would have benefitted

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