Diagnosing Leukemia

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Leukemia is a cancer that attacks a persons’ blood. This is where the patients’ white blood cells grow abnormally and mutate, blocking the growth of normal blood cells. Leukemia can cause bruising that seems to come from nowhere and a person cannot remember where they got them from. White blood cells are very important to immunity so having this cancer can highly decrease someone’s immunity to anything from the common cold to a viral infection. If Leukemia is not caught in time, like all cancers, it can be deadly.


Leukemia is a disease/cancer that can be hard to catch at first however, if you are aware of signs and symptoms, you can catch it and go to the doctor. There are two different ways in which
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However, when the patient finally and persistently comes back, after to doctor has exhausted all options; they will recommend the patient to an oncologist, a doctor who specializes in cancer. According to Leukemia, there are quite a few steps in diagnosing leukemia. When it comes to children who are getting diagnosed with leukemia it is very important to get the family history of cancer because there are links that say it can be hereditary. When a doctor gets informed that there is a history of hematological malignancies they take blood from the patient and do morphology, or look at the blood under a microscope that is lit. This is the first step and will allow the doctor to decide if he or she believes there is need for more scientific research or assessment needed. If the doctor suspects that what is happening is leukemia, they will take a bone marrow biopsy and test those cells, which will confirm or deny for sure if it is…show more content…
However, sometimes this is taken out of their hands when the disease affects their physical being because people close to them will start to notice the changes and start to ask questions. These situations will normally happen faster in acute leukemias because they are more aggressive and the doctor will need to take more aggressive approaches. For patients that are children, it is good to inform the families to keep things as close to normal as possible. Same school schedules, extracurricular activities, and family events. This is very important because it allows the child to feel ‘normal’ in a world that they do not have any control over. If the patient is an adult, it is good for them to be honest and straightforward with their children. Maybe even allow the children, of course depending on age, to go to the clinic where the therapies will be taking place to see how things will be handled. Because any kind of cancer is stressful, not only for the patient but the patients’ families as well, it is always suggested to find a support group or system. Support can come from mental health professionals, social workers, and even financially. Leukemia being one of the most common cancers in children and adolescences, there are many support groups for children and teens and even their families. Before the many research and medical advances that the medical field has had, cancer
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