Diagnosing The Change : Managing Organizational Change Essay

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Part 3: Diagnosing the Change
Managing Organizational Change

The Burke-Litwin Model highlights the main elements or source of major transformational change and also the changes that are incremental in nature. The four transformational factors are external environment, mission and strategy, leadership, and organizational culture. The main cause that makes a company to make changes is the external environment. It can force any organization to make changes to its mission, culture, leadership, and operating strategies. Changes in the 12 drivers in The Burke-Litwin Model bring a series of change to the overall structure. Various internal and external organizational factors that influence the changes in the organization are:
Four transformational factors
 External environment
 Mission and Strategy
 Leadership
 Organizational Culture
Internal organizational factors
 Structure
 Systems (Policies and Procedures)
 Management Practices
 Work Unit Climate
 Tasks and skills
 Individual Values and Needs
 Motivation Level
 Individual and Overall Performance
Sources: (Palmer et. al., 2009).

The fundamental premise of the model is that planned change should flow from environment to the organizational performance. For my research project, both airlines "Delta" and "United Airlines" have environmental factors that have affected their performance. Jet Fuel prices have driven up the operational cost of both companies. Internal factor such as unions and employee issues

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