Diagnosing and Treating Depression

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When someone says the word depression, it causes a great deal of confusion to American people today. Frequently, depression is used to describe when someone is feeling low, miserable, or having ‘gotten out of bed on the wrong side'. However, doctors use the word in two different ways. They can use it to describe the symptom of low mood, or to refer to a specific illness, Depression. Doctors make a diagnosis of depression after assessing the severity of the low mood, other associated symptoms and the duration of the problem. People who have experienced an episode of depression are at risk of developing another in the future. A small amount of people may experience an incidence of depression as part of a type of bipolar disorder, manic…show more content…
If you or a friend has one of these symptoms of depression, the best thing to do is to tell an adult. Some of the types of doctors that can treat depression include general practitioners or counselors. These people can help you understand the problems and help you fix them on your own. If a patient is particularly ill, a general practitioner can refer them to a psychiatrist for drug therapy. People suffering from depression may also be seen by psychotherapists. In accordance to the different doctors you can see, the treatments will vary. For example, if a person is just going through a bad time in their life, sometimes problems can simply be solved by talking things over with a friend or counselor. Nevertheless, that can sometimes not be enough. The important thing to remember about depression is that it is treatable. There are many different types of treatment. These include medication and talking therapies, or psychotherapy. While there are many forms of psychotherapy, simply talking out your problems with a doctor can be a big help. It is much better to talk about your feelings than to bottle them up. More formal psychotherapy includes counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and dynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. As a general rule psychotherapies are about as effective as any medication for the treatment of mild depression. On the other hand, for more
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