Diagnosing and Treating Illness with the Imaging Technology of Radiology

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The method most commonly used to diagnose is projection radiography which produces radiographs by transmitting X-Rays through the patient to create an image. Other forms of radiology that are used to diagnose include CT scanning, Ultrasounds, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Fluoroscopy, and Nuclear Medicine. The story of radiology started in 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen made the discovery in November of 1895. While working with his Cathode Ray generator Röntgen noticed the ability to view an image using electromagnetic radiation. To test his discovery Röntgen performed an X-Ray on his wife’s hand which revealed that the ray could pass through human tissue leaving the bones and metals to show. In December of 1895 Röntgen published his manuscript “On a New Kind of Ray” to the Wurzburg Physical Medical Institute. His discovery was quickly transmitted throughout the world and his experiment was easily repeated due to the fact that many places had the Cathode Ray readily available. As the results began to improve and become more accurate, so did the technology allowing the radiographs that were made on glass photographic plates be replaced by film; a contribution made my George Eastman in 1918.The first radiology department of the world opened up at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1896 and in the same year came the first diagnosis by Dr. Hall-Edwards. Growing knowledge made it…
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