Diagnosis Analysis

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Imagine going out in public or to the doctor and feeling like you don’t belong, or like you are being treated different compared to others. In T. Cooper’s “Why They’re Called Passports” and “Diagnosis” he experiences these feelings in numerous situations. Being a transgender Cooper experiences situations others normally don’t; these situations at times make him feel uncomfortable and not accepted by others. All Cooper wants, especially from doctors and nursing, is to be treated like a “normal” person. Throughout the two stories small moments of Cooper’s life are explained most of them involving medical staff, and in most of these moments the reader sees how uncomfortable he felt with the staff. T. Cooper writes about times in his life in “Diagnosis” to show how he felt when…show more content…
While in this situation Cooper does not feel like treat him normal until his wife shows up, and he says “SEE, I TOLD YOU: I’M NORMAL AND NONTHREATENING AND DESERVING OF YOUR EMPATHY BECAUSE THIS NICE LADY CAME TO MY BEDSIDE” (Cooper, 2012, p. 132). Through this example the reader gets a small insight on how the doctors may have been treating him, and the treatment was not what other patients were receiving. Readers also see how Cooper does not feel accepted by the way the doctors decide to treatment because they don’t see him as “normal.” Another insight readers see is how Cooper thinks a good doctor or nurse would react in this situation, and it is not how they reacted toward him. Cooper implies that a good nurse or doctor will treat every patient the same no matter how different they may be and who is there to support
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