Diagnosis And Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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One out of every eight women in the US is diagnosed with breast cancer every year. When women get older, their chances of developing breast cancer increases. In fact, 80% of all breast cancer patients are women ages fifty and up. As the number of breast cancer patients increases year after year, identification methods and treatments are beginning to advance. Doctors and pathologists are using the highest levels of technology to treat abnormalities inside of the body. The tumor is discovered through either mammography or self-breast examinations. Through these methods, doctors are able to discover the tumor and decide on what treatment is right for each patient. When it comes to treating breast cancer, there are multiple treatment options; the type and severity of the cancer help the doctor decide the optimal treatment plan for each patient.
Identification is the first and most critical step in treating breast cancer, detection methods include self-breast examinations and mammography. Self-breast examinations are highly recommended for anyone of any age who has breasts. For this method, every month women check the areas around their breast as well as under their arms for any abnormal lumps (Breast World 4). Those who go about doing these examinations have a greater chance of identifying their cancerous mass sooner because of how frequently they are checking (4). Mammography is another helpful way to identify any lumps or abnormalities. In this process, a large machine uses
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