Diagnosis And Treatment Of Davita Queens Dialysis

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Davita Queens Dialysis is a medical facility that treats patients who have End-Stage Renal Disease. End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is diagnosed to patients who have permanent kidney failure (NKF, 2012). Patients diagnosed with ESRD are faced with a life-altering chronic illness. Hemodialysis is a life-sustaining treatment that becomes a natural part of their daily lives. However, many patients have difficulty adjusting to this new way of living. Individuals diagnosed with ESRD have a long road ahead of them. Patients’ suffering from this disease has to receive dialysis treatment to clean their blood, three times a week for up to four hours. This is a life-changing and life-sustaining treatment. Davita Queens Dialysis is an outpatient facility that serves the adult population of patients diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), these patients have permanent kidney failure. The problem with this change in the life course is high rates of depression. Research into the psychosocial factors of depression in ESRD patients has led to high rates of mortality (White, McDonnell, 2014). The National Kidney Foundation has many key facts about this patient population. Kidney disease affects twenty-six million American adults and millions more are at risk (NKF,2012). Having kidney disease is what influences ESRD, which refers to irreversible kidney failure. There are more than one million ESRD sufferers worldwide, with more than 571,000 individuals living in the U.S. More
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