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Diagnosis To diagnose endometriosis the doctor will ask the patient to explain the symptoms, including the site of the pain and at what time it occurs. Tests to check for bodily clues of endometriosis include: a genital exam, ultrasound and a laparoscopy. ("Endometriosis") For the duration of the genital exam, the doctor manually palpates areas in your pelvis with their hand for abnormalities, such as cysts on your reproductive organs or scars at the back of your uterus. Keep in mind that frequently it’s not possible to feel tiny areas of endometriosis, unless they 've caused a cyst to form. The ultrasound test creates radioactive images of the inside of your body by using high frequency sound waves. To take the images, an apparatus…show more content…
They may well seize samples of the flesh to perform a biopsy. The laparoscopy can provide information about the whereabouts, degree and dimensions of the endometrial implants to help conclude what the best treatment options are. ("Endometriosis") . Treatment The paramount care for endometriosis is laparoscopic excision surgery. Another option is Ablation or Cauterization. However, there are some less expensive treatments such as, Low-Dose Oral Contraceptives IUD specifically hormonal not copper. Pain killers such as, Naproxen, Voltaren, and Meloxicam. They will reduce inflammation and cramping. Another option is GnRH Therapy (such as Lupron). Lupron will basically send you into temporary menopause and you won’t produce estrogen. Thus, it will pause some symptoms of Endometriosis. Although, it is rarely used because there hasn’t been much research on the drug itself. Lupron is only tried in very severe cases. During laparoscopic excision surgery, the surgeon will carefully eradicate, the whole adhesion from everyplace it cultivates. This takes into account of the soft tissue beneath the surface. Endometriosis preforms like an iceberg, the anomaly is equally above the surface and in the tissue below. Excision surgery removes the disease together above and below the surface. Ablation or Cauterization is another option. However, they only remove the tissue on the surface but overlook the tissue developing underneath the
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