Diagnosis Of Antibiotic Prophylaxis Before Surgery

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Implementation Plan This section of the paper will provide the description of the methods to be used to implement the proposed solution for the problem identified. Since the problem identified that is timing of antibiotic prophylaxis before surgery is related to Surgical Site Infection (SSI), the solution must lie in targeting the ways to administer antibiotic within 30 to 60 minutes before incision in the operating room. Following the Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) protocol improved compliance and reduced the rate of SSI (Anderson & Sexton, 2015).Antibiotic prophylaxis is part of the SCIP protocol, the literatures reviewed in the previous section has shown the reduction in the rate of SSI is correlated to the timing of…show more content…
Since this evidence based proposal is for the enhancement of the SCIP protocol which already exists, there is no perceived need for the consent or the approval form. The impact of this evidence based practice outcome can be measured by assessing patients’ records postoperatively.
The timeframe required to introduce and implement the plan is three months. The initial step will include providing critical information from the research findings to support the proposal. The first month will entail presenting the evidence based practice change to the surgical site prevention committee which involves all the chief from surgical departments, anesthesiologists, Director of perioperative services and other surgical unit leaders who are involved in taking care of surgical patients. Once the committee agrees with the proposal, the implementation process will be started. As the SCIP guideline already exists, the staff will be educated about the importance of the antibiotic timing before skin incision and to document it on the timeout sheet and also in the electronic records. This process will help in evaluating the process postoperatively. During the second month the proposed solution will be implemented and with the help of the managers of the department, the practice will be supervised and surgeons will be given feedback about their surgeries and the antibiotic given at the recommended
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