Diagnosis Of Stage 4 Alzheimer's Disease

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The writer of this case study met with client Maria Sanchez on February 16th, 2015. This client was referred to this writer after a recent diagnosis of stage 4 Alzheimer’s disease by a clinician to assist with planning for her future. Upon initially meeting with this client, this writer could determine her demographic information. Maria Sanchez is married; however her husband is currently residing in Mexico City. This client is 68 years old. Sanchez has been living in the United States for the last 20 years. She is a legal permanent resident (LPR). Client has spent 17 of these 20 years in the work force, and paid into social security. Currently this client’s only income comes from social security and from her daughter for child and household care (100 dollars per month). Client is currently receiving a social security check of 356.12 each month. Client has saved up 4500 dollars in the last couple of years. This client currently has no health insurance. Sanchez has been given a probable diagnosis of stage 4 Alzheimer’s disease. Through the initial assessment signs of depression can be seen were seen by this writer. Client Sanchez has a very close bond with her family, and uses them as her support system. She will be going through the assessment process and interventions with the assistance of her daughter. This client has come into the office seeking help, empowerment and interventions in order to get control over her situation. This case study will go through her assessment,
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