Diagnosis Of Vre And Pneumonia

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Case Study 560: Diagnosis of VRE and Pneumonia Emily DeRoss University of San Diego, Hahn School of Nursing Introduction His eyes told a story I wanted to hear. I grabbed his hand but his grip was weak. With a smile I was able to help him recognize that he was going to be well taken care of. I knew this because in the eye contact we had, I saw the relief in his face as his furrowed brow ironed out. He now understood that I was going to be looking out for him. I was going to be his nurse for the next 12 hours along with his primary nurse, my preceptor. I stated this information to him while placing the blood pressure cuff around his arm and giving his had just one more squeeze for the moment. I felt so purposeful in helping this man who clearly needed more than just vital signs checked and medications administered. He had been truly ill and his mental state seemed to have taken the worst beating. This is a case study of a 64-year old African American male found in a Motel 6 in San Diego four weeks ago. He was brought to the Emergency Room at UCSD Hillcrest and admitted to the 6th floor where infectious diseases are primarily treated. Upon admission for altered mental status, it was of concern that the patient was going through ETOH withdrawal, had community acquired pneumonia and that he was at risk for sepsis. Therefore, a sepsis work-up was completed and soon a plan of care was initiated for the patient. The patient was diagnosed with pneumonia most likely

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