Diagnosis : The Worst Job

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Diagnosis The Worst Job I was very young when responsibility and working came into my life. My mother was never home when I was younger, so I began to learn how to make food and pick up after myself. Years went by and I was very proud to be capable of cooking simple foods like: Ramen Noodles, eggs and bacon, and macaroni and cheese. I was very proud of knowing how to cook simple things, because at around eight years old no one else your age really knows how to cook. When I was twelve years old, my little sister’s father had just killed himself after trying to kill my mother. I’ve been grateful ever since the night he tried to kill my mother, because when he tried to shoot her, the gun did not go off. I, myself, did not grow up with a father because my father died when i was just a year old, and that also took a tole on me for the long run. Ever since the night with Joey, my sister’s father, my mother and her boyfriend, at the time, began to drink more and more every night. My mother was already an alcoholic, a cheater, and a liar, and she had been for most of my childhood. I believe what drove my sister’s father ton this action was the fact that my mom started seeing someone behind his back, and then broke up with him after she was already dating another man. This new boyfriend, Donald, seemed to be a good respectable man in the beginning, but then things took a turn for the worst. Donald began to drink like my mother, and he would hurt her behind closed doors.
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