Diagnosis of an Old Depressed Patient

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Therapist Name: Case Name/#: I. Reason for Referral: The client is an 82 year-old male who has lives in a home for the aged. The client was complaining of sadness, loneliness, hopelessness and states that he wishes to die. He denied suicidal intent or having a plan to hurt himself. II. Presenting Problems: Client concerns: Sadness. Client concerns: End of life issues regarding meaning and usefulness. Client concerns: Isolation, loneness, wanting to die. Clinical concerns: Depression. Clinical concerns: Interpersonal isolation/relationship issues. Clinical concerns: Hopelessness. Clinical concerns: Despite no current suicidal intent the client is a high potential risk for suicidal behaviors. Contextual considerations: The client is physically independent but very hard of hearing. The client cannot visit friends due to restrictions in the home and this is an issue for him. He is also has issues with his son and daughter-in-law who placed him in the home he is currently in and has no contact with them. III. Relevant Background Information The client is an 82-year-old male who lives in a home for the aged, having been removed from his home by his only child, his son. His son is 42 years old and his daughter-in-law is 38 years old. They have two children. The client and his son lived together in the client's home prior to his son's marriage. After his son and daughter-in-law were married the son's wife moved in to the client's home. Prior to
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