Diagnostic And Diagnostic Classification System Essay

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Mental health disorders has been very strenuous and complex to understand and diagnose, many diagnosis criteria such as DSM have been used to determine the disorders and medication (Szabo, 2011). I am asserting that “Yes, Psychopathology diagnostic classification systems (such as the DSM or ICD) are of little use to health professionals and patients because behaviours are often misidentified and medicalised”. To assert this, this paper is going to explore four main topics that contribute to the little use of psychopathology diagnostic classification system, these include downsides for using DSM diagnostic criteria, Medicalisation and misdiagnose, consequences of medicalisation to the health professionals and community and Psychological trauma in patients. Szabo, (2011) states that Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has been utilised to diagnose and categorize mental illness in psychiatry. However this diagnosis is focused on definitions of operational rather than the cause (Warelow & Holmes, 2011). This paper will first explore the downside of using DSM criteria to diagnose mental health.

Downsides for using DSM diagnostic criteria
Using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder as a diagnostic method has been of little use for clients and health professionals as this method gives indications that are similar for nearly all mental health issues (Johnstone, 2008). The fact is that there is no individuals who can claim
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