Diagnostic Impression : Major Depressive Disorder

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Diagnostic Impression:
296.32 (F33.1) Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent episode, moderate severity, with anxious distress. Ms. Client meets eight of the nine diagnostic criteria for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Specifically, during several periods of time she experienced depressed mood, diminished interest in things she enjoyed to do, hypersomnia, psychomotor agitation, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, decreased concentration, and suicidal thoughts without intent. Additionally, as Ms. Client expressed, these symptoms are source of continuing distress and interfere with her academics and social functioning. Also, her symptoms started four years prior to the psychological assessment and persisted intermittently since then, lasting for several weeks to several months, with the most recent period of extended length (enduring two weeks) approximately one year ago. Since the last episode she has experienced these symptoms for two to three days at a time. Although the last episode that met the criterion of two weeks duration occurred approximately a year ago, the symptoms have not disappeared, but they occur periodically since then and when they do, they cause considerable distress and impairment in functioning. Thus, the disorder cannot be coded as ‘in partial or full remission’. The specifier ‘with anxious distress’ was given, because Ms. Client reports feelings of difficulty in concentration because of worry and restlessness.
R/O Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The last
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