Diagnostic Models

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Assignment 1 Organization diagnosis: A Review to Diagnostic model Summary An organization is an open system that is in constant interaction with its environment, taking in raw materials, people, information, and energy, converting these into products or services, and exporting the latter back into the environment but these organization need to regularly undergo the diagnosis of the current performance of the organization so that interventionists should be able to know whether the organization is performing well or not and what changes has to be incorporated so that the main focus of organization to do excellence fulfilled. But it should be planned, systematic and explicit. Well-done assessments or diagnosis is done on the…show more content…
The resources and outputs(variables) in the ‘Diagnosing Individual and Group Behavior’ model are linked by main line of influence and feedback loops which are not reciprocal and also the extensive usage of these lines make it difficult to understand the relationship between variables. Key variables are relatively broad and undefined (Force field analysis) In many models it is not clearly expressed whether variables are merely correlated or whether a cause and effect relationship between variables is thought to exist. Questions that article tried to answer are Q1. What is the main purpose to construct the diagnostic models? Q2. What are the scopes of diagnosis and what is the problem related to narrow diagnosis? Q3. How diagnosis can be done in a systematic way? Q4. To what extend does the various mentioned diagnostic models are effective for organization? Q5. Why organization’s diagnosticians should not be rigid regarding adhering to one model (limited variables)? Q6. What are the different types of organizations and how do they function? Q7. What is congruency of model? Q8. What is political, technical and cultural dynamics related to diagnostic model? Q9. How nature of relationships between variables in various model differ? Q10. What are the key features of B-L Model that set it apart from other models? Q11. Why validation
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