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Diagnostic Paper on Joan Crawford Abnormal Psychology Dr. Lewis Ethical Disclaimer In writing this, I am attempting to demonstrate an awareness of ethical practice. In preparation of writing this paper, I have researched information on the famous person indicated in an effort to make an attempt at providing a possible diagnosis of a psychological condition for which two theoretical orientations will be evaluated and used to support what is only an opinion. I am in no way qualified to give a diagnosis for the people mentioned within this document as it is a document written to demonstrate an understanding of educational material as it relates to the field of psychology. Any information mentioned with regard to the mental condition…show more content…
In consideration of some of Crawford’s early childhood occurrences, it may be possible to speculate on the etiology and possible diagnosis for conditions that Mrs. Crawford might have been suffering throughout her life. Joan Crawford was born at the turn of the century as Lucille Fay LeSueur in San Antonio, Texas to a single mother as Joan’s father left the family shortly before her birth (“American Legends,” 2013). Though there are claims that her actual birthdate was before 1908, the date printed at the place of her interment reads as 1908-1977. For Hollywood starlets, lying about age might elongate audience and industry interest especially in regard to women, therefore it is easy to understand why the relentlessly ambitious and accomplished actress might have felt compelled to be untruthful over the years. Crawford had to climb her way to the top never having a moment to assess all the obstacles with which she would face throughout her life though, according to her, she would never have accepted professional assessment during her life as she explains to talk show host David Frost, “I have never had to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist because I feel if you have an ounce of good sense and one good friend, you’ll never have to go to a psychiatrist” (The David Frost Show, 1970). With attention to the enormous influence of the Roaring Twenties, Joan Crawford certainly embodied the newfound independence, freedom, and

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