Diagnostic Polysmnogram Protocol

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Diagnostic Polysomnogram protocol was explained to the patient and his mother upon arrival. The patient is he to assess for OSA and the patient is also still having bedwetting issues. Lights out at 2126 2229 prone quiet 96% 2304 prone quiet 96% 0123 prone quiet 97% 0230 right quiet 96% 0335 prone quiet 97% 0405 prone quiet 97% 0500 right quiet 97% Lights on at 0530 for school The patient remained in a primary a prone position and occasionally on his right side, he was not able to maintain a supine position. The patient was very hard to wake during the study he had very little to no difficulty initiating sleep. Occasional leg movents were observed during the study. The patients ECG remained in NSR with no observed ectopy and an average rate
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