Dialectic Journal The Road Essay

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Dialectical Journal Entry #1
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
“Look at me, the man said.
He turned and looked. He looked like he’d been crying.
Just tell me.
We wouldn’t ever eat anybody, would we?
No. Of course not.
Even if we were starving?
We’re starving now.
You said we weren’t.
I said we weren’t dying. I didn’t say we weren’t starving.
But we wouldn’t.
No. We wouldn’t.
No matter what.
No. No matter what.
Because we’re the good guys.
And we’re carrying the fire.
And we’re carrying the fire. Yes.
Okay” (128-129).

(E) The motif of the entire novel revolves around fire. Fire is used as a literal object as well as a symbol for hope and goodness. The man in The Road tries as hard as
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Dialectical Journal Entry #4
The Road by Cormac McCarthy

“He’d come down with a fever and they lay in the woods like fugitives. Nowhere to build a fire.
Nowhere safe. The boy sat in the leaves watching him. His eyes brimming. Are you going to die,
Papa? he said. Are you going to die?
No. I’m just sick.
I’m really scared.
I know. It’s all right. I’m going to get better. You’ll see.
His dreams brightened. The vanished world returned” (186-187).

(CL) The last prediction made, foresaw an early death for the man leaving the boy on his own.
The man tells his son earlier in the story that there is nothing wrong with having nightmares, for if they are having good dreams it means they have given up and he doesn’t want the boy to give up. The man’s dreams are becoming brighter and the world before the fire is coming into his head. The man is giving up. The prediction made earlier is coming true. (S) Cormac McCarthy

doesn’t use quotes at all in this novel which implies a world so inhuman, hopeless and desiccated there is no need or use of this punctuation. This style is very apparent in this quote as the man continues to give up and becomes fatigued. Also, McCarthy adding the fact that the man’s dreams are becoming more lighthearted and content right after it is revealed he his becoming sick adds a large sense of foreshadowing.

Dialectical Journal Entry #5 The Road by Cormac
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