Dialectic Of Enlightenment By Theodor Adorno

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In his work, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Theodor Adorno analyzes the nature of the culture industry. People everywhere are constantly being consumed by the culture industry, which is a term for the mass production of cultural goods such as films, magazines, and music. Adorno is concerned that the government uses the cultural industry as a way to deceive the masses and manipulate them into passivity. This idea remains true in today’s society. Young men and women are more interested in the release of the newest Taylor Swift or Adele song than political issues. People have become less intellectual as they are being consumed by the culture industry. It is much easier for a person to let himself be consumed by mass media and to let the media tell him what to think than to think for himself. This is why society makes progress so slowly. The culture industry makes people identical and mechanized as they become eager to consume the next piece of media that the industry produces. The culture industry has taken over modern society, which highly concerns Adorno. Adorno states, “Culture today is infecting everything with sameness” (94). His choice of the word “infecting” makes his view on the culture industry clear. He sees it as a spreading virus that is damaging modern society. He sees that as the infection spreads, people are losing their individuality, their uniqueness. Instead of being unique, people infected by the culture industry become identical and mechanized, the perfect…
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