Dialectical Behavior Therapy: A Case Study

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There are many struggles faced with treatment unit of Psychiatric hospital. The continent of mental ill person due to many state hospital being closed. (Montross, 2016) Therapy seems to be the most effective method. Cognitive behavior therapy. A short term goal-oriented psychotherapy. The treatment that takes the hands on approach to problems solving. This therapy was implemented to help the offenders fit back into the environment around them. Exposure therapy. A technique used to treat anxiety illness. It exposes the patient to feared objects or contents without danger or fear. Dialectical Behavior therapy. Is a type of cognitive behavior psychotherapy? Furthermore, when borderline personality was brought about in the 1980’s…show more content…
The offenders must take the Rx’s given. The harm has been noted with Rx’s alone. Drug abuse has been noted among this group of people. So it also been noted that medication alone will not improve the condition, but a combination of therapy and Rx will begin the healing process. (Burns,…show more content…
Co-morbid illness always plays a part. Patient not needing time in a hospital will see a case manager and be set up with a counselor at a later date.. (Montross, 2016) Ehen the patient I receiving outpatient services, thy learn how to make self-change. (Montross, 2016) More so, during therapy the person(s) can express their feeling about past, and future problems, see how their behavior has effected those around them. (Montross, 2016) During this phase the patient will learn problems solving, and set goal. (Montross, 2016) Now, we take a look at juveniles in the justice system, and dependency also are carefully thought about/believed behavioral sicknesses/problems and often are linked to acts of crime and irresponsibility/unpaid status. In the (CJS) Arrestees Drug supervising Program, immature male arrestees tested positive for at least one drug in at least half the arrests in nine places. (Hughes, 2013) It has been shown that up to half of young people in the justice system with any mental health problem, had dual sicknesses, most often. (Montross, 2016) Mental health problems are more complicated and difficult to treat in youths than in adults. (Burns, 2016) Because teenage years is a developmental period caused by growth and change, problems in children are more subject to change and
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